FATHER BEFOULED was formed in late 2006 by Justin Stubbs and Jason Muxlow. Early recordings were completed via long-distance communication and rehearsal between Illinois and Georgia. These early demos (which ultimately became the "Profano ad Regnum" release) were completed as a two-piece with programmed drums. While rough and off-kilter these songs garnered much praise and interest throughout the death metal underground. In late 2007 Derrik Goulding joined the band on second guitar and the now-trio rehearsed for their first live show at the 9th annual Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Festival in San Antonio, Texas on June 21 2008.


Concurrently the band wrote songs for what would be their first full length, "Obscurus Nex Cultus" (Violent Death Worship). Recorded entirely by Justin, this album was released in late 2008 by Gasmask Productions, who unfortunately closed just after the release of the CD. Many copies were never properly distributed, thus making this album quite rare.


In July of 2008 the band recruited Michael Dean as drummer and rehearsals were begun for live shows in Arlington, New Jersey (October 2008), and Nashville, Tennessee (April 2009). Jason Muxlow left the band during this time and the band recruited Jake Kohn to take his place. Splits with Texas' Decrepitaph and New Jersey's Helcaraxe were recorded with the full four-piece lineup in early 2009 . In June 2009 a failed west cost tour resulted in only two shows being played in Texas and recordings taking place for the "Rotting Godless Throne" 7". Ultimately these recordings were deemed unsuitable and destroyed. In November of 2009 drummer Michael Dean took his own life, just as the band signed a recording contract with Relapse Records. Before his death Dean had recorded a track entitled "Profane Grace of the Trinity" for a planned Death Metal 7" series on Relapse Records. This release would have seen the band paired with Australia's Cemetery Urn, of whom the band had previously shared the stage with on two occasions. This release ultimately never saw fruition, but the relationship with Relapse was cemented. Upon Dean's death the band recruited drummers Wayne Sarantopoulos (Decrepitaph), Chad Davis (Hour of 13), and Paul Ledney (Profanatica) to complete the (second) recordings of the Rotting Godless Throne  7", which was  ultimately released in July 2010.


Wayne Sarantopoulos joined full time as drummer at this point and  the band entered the studio to record the "Morbid Destitution of Covenant" album for Relapse Records. "Morbid..." was released in August 2010 to much critical acclaim, eventually entering the Top 40 Albums of the Year list for Decibel Magazine. In October 2010 a performance at the 10th and final Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Festival in Houston, Texas would be the live debut of Sarantopoulos. Unfortunately the relationship with Relapse soured shortly after and the band aligned with Dark Descent Records, releasing a split 7" with Demonic Rage in 2011.


In early 2012  the "Revulsion of Seraphic Grace" album was recorded and the release coincided with the inaugural Martyrdoom Fesitval in Brooklyn, New York in June of 2012. Bassist Jake Kohn left the band between the recording of "Revulsion..." and the Martyrdoom performance. Brian Kelley, a close friend and supporter, was recruited for live purposes.


Activity was sparse from 2012 to 2015 with only a split with Macabra being released, the Father Befouled side being the long-shelved drumming debut of Michael Dean, "Profane Grace of the Trinity."


A compilation CD  of rare, demo, split, and live material entitled "Enthroning Desolation" was released in 2015 with coincide with a short tour of the east coast in April of that year. Rhys Spencer was recruited as full time  bassist at this time.


After shows in Tampa, and Atlanta in 2016, the band entered the studio in August 2016 to record "Desolate Gods," their 4th full length, and first in 5 years.


In March of 2017 the band headlined the 3rd annual Blood of the Wolf Festival in Lexington, Kentucky.





Justin Stubbs

Vocals & Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Derrik Goulding

 Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Wayne Sarantopoulos


Rhys Spencer


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